The Revival Ceilidh Band on stage

Contacting and Booking The Revival Ceilidh Band

If you're here and not sure what is needed to organise a Barn Dance / Ceilidh then maybe this panel will help.
There are three main ingredients to a Barn Dance. You need somewhere to hold it, a venue. You need a crowd of people to dance and you need someone to provide the music and the caller. The third bit is the bit that we do. If you book us we will organise a caller for you and we'll turn up on the night with suitable equipment and provide you with excellent danceable music to suit the dances that the caller chooses.
There is a lot more information on venues and other hints and tips about organising a Barn Dance on the Organise a Dance page.
In order to take a booking from you we will need a date, a start time and probable finish time of the event. We will also need the address of the venue, a post code really helps. We then need your Name and Address, and a telephone number and if possible an email address. Once we have all that information we will confirm the booking and send you a contract so that we both know what we're committed to.
We do understand that when you enquire of us, you may not have decided on a venue, or you need to get the go ahead from the committee etc. so we will take a provisional booking based around a loose enquiry but we would ask that, should you decide not to go ahead, you will let us know as soon as is practical. In any case until the booking is confirmed we will treat the date as possibly free and should we get another enquiry for that date, we will contact you to see whether or not you intend to firm up on the provisional booking.

How to Contact us

There are a couple of ways to contact us. The most immediate is obviously by phone. The number is 075 88 777 596.
Alternatively, we quite like emails.You can use with your standard email client or use the contact form below to enter your enquiry. We monitor the email account closely so you should get a response fairly quickly.

Telephone 075 88 777 596